Translation is an activity comprising the interpretation of the meaning of a text in one language – the source text – and the production of a new text in another language, but expressing the original text as accurately as possible in the target language, the resulting text also is called translate.
Who does not know the translation process the translator often comes as a mere connoisseur of two or more languages. Translate goes beyond that. There is a famous set of words in Italian that says ”Traduttore, Traditore” (in Portuguese, ”translator, traitor”), for every translator would betray the original text to get to rewrite it in the desired language. First, the translation involves two languages, but do not stop there. Areas or types of texts translate are many, and so a good that a translator of novels is not necessarily a good translator of scientific texts, and vice versa.

Traditionally, translation has always been a human activity, although there are attempts to automate and computerize the translation of texts in natural language – machine translation – or to use computers as an aid to translation (online translators).
According Marcello Novaes de Amorim, an ontological point of view, the translation can be understood as the act of mapping a text, transporting it from one domain to another.
Contrary to what most people think, the translators are not only translators of books. The book translation or editorial erroneously called ”literary translation” is a minority segment of the translation market worldwide. Other segments are bulkier legal translators (including the translators), the translators of manuals of industrial equipment, the translators of newspaper articles, the translator of medicine, among others

Norwegian Translator Association

abbreviated NO, is an association for Norwegian translators of fiction. The association was founded in 1948 to improve the quality of Norwegian translations and preserve the literary translators’ professional and economic interests. In 2010, the Society has well 290 members, which together translate from around 48 languages. Society’s first chairman was Gunnar Larsen. From 2010 held the position of Cecilie Winger.